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Invisible Creature
Hero Booklet

Booklet on a Favorite
Graphic Designer

For this project, I chose a graphic designer to create a booklet on. I chose the design firm Invisible Creature, two brothers based in Seattle, Washington. I collected images of their artwork and I used an  interview with them as the body copy and arranged them in an 8x8" booklet.

I also created a design element inspired by their design to be displayed within the booklet in the form of repeated geometric shapes in colors that are common in their work, with squiggly outlines, since these kinds of shapes are often featured in their designs.


Please click here
to view the full PDF!


Through this project I learned a lot about typography. The most valuable thing I learned was how to set justification to avoid rivers in the text. I enjoyed figuring out how to arrange things properly and to create balance. In the future I might try a larger, maybe rectangular layout for more freedom of placement and arrangement.

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